Our "Sir Henry Thomas" is now a Big Brother to his new baby sister in New York City.

We have the most wonderful Puppy Parents in the World!  I am so happy and blessed they enjoy staying in touch with us!  Regina Tilson


I can't say enough about how thankful I feel to have been directed to Mrs. Regina. Thru her, I met Lola my forever sweetheart. She is perfect in every way from her beauty to her nature and personality. It's obvious and evident thru the babies Mrs Regina raises, that she knows the King Charles breed. More than that, she loves her babies and does what's best for them. What impresses me, is Mrs Regina is particular who adopts her kids. I'm thankful for that because her babies come from a wonderful home. I want another one. 

Debbie W. Jones  from Tennessee 08/01/2017 

*****Sir Thomas: 

Adopting our Sir Thomas from Ms. Gina was one of the best decisions in my life! I really wanted a Cavalier King Charles and I had a really traumatizing experience finding a good breeder. Long story but I was almost scammed into paying for a dog that didn't exist. When I finally contacted Ms. Gina, everything was smooth sailing. She asked me questions and told me everything I needed to know to make the best decision. I picked up my new baby at the airport and became his new mama, but she will always have a special place in the heart of our Sir Thomas. She has been in contact with us since day one and has been his God mother in many ways and has always been there to guide me as a first time puppy parent. My husband and I love our Sir Thomas so much and my parents and nephews can't get enough of his cuteness. He is such a kindhearted baby. I practically kiss and shove my face into his and I know he doesn't have any bad bone in his body. He is too kind, even for his own good. He deserves all the love and affection. I honestly cannot imagine life without him. He is truly a blessing. Ms. Gina, please grab any photo of Sir Thomas you might like. Thanks for everything.
Hb, Lana, Sir Thomas 06/11/2017 

*****Max and Charlie

This is a referral Vinny Musca wrote for us! 

Hello Kim, My experience with Regina was flawless.  I purchased two healthy King Charles Cavs.  They were both flown to NY from MO.  Regina's paperwork and flight details were on point.  She has this down to a science.  Payment is required first and she will ask lots of questions about you and your home as well as your lifestyle. You see Regina will not send you one of her babies if she feels you are not fit as a new parent.  She takes pride in these babies, it's not only a business, it's her passion.  She will coach you all the way.  She is available by email or phone. She wants to keep in contact with her new Cav parents, so please email her time to time and send her pics as she loves seeing her babies grow.  My two babies were flown in new crates with food and water for their trip.  Along with any paperwork, etc.  My vet said, he has never seen such organized paperwork, one copy for you and one for the vet. Most shots are done before you even receive the new puppy, but Regina recommends you see your vet within a couple days of receiving.  You will have all details outlined and highlighted.  Trust me, I never been so happy with Regina who has become a friend and my two babies Max and Charlie.  Love my two babies so much. My family and I adore them, they are such great dogs.  I promise you will be so happy with the outcome.  So please go get your new puppy before I take another. Lol. 

Vinny Musca ~ NY  07/27/2016

***** NEW LIFE:  

I recently lost a tri color cavalier and spent much time searching for a new friend for my other dog. Gina was a pleasure to work with and my new pup arrived happy, healthy and was a blessing for my grieving dog. I did a lot of research on breeders and once I spoke to Gina I knew she was the one I wanted to work with. She was honest, caring and thorough in every aspect of the adoption process. I'm thankful for the new addition to my family, but also, thankful for the smooth and professional adoption process. Needless to say my older dog and new pup are the best of friends! Thanks Gina!!!

Shelley, May 27, 2015


Ms. Gina
I want to start by saying this was our first experience of buying a puppy on puppy find and I want to say a big Thank You! to you Ms. Gina for making our experience absolutely wonderful and pleasant! Spencer is absolutely a joy to our family and we love him so much! He is a well behave, smart, and a healthy puppy! We would recommend you to anybody who wants to buy a puppy. Thank you again!
The Roberts family
Nov. 24, 2013 

We adopted little Charlie last year from Regina and couldn't be more delighted.  He is the sweetest dog I have ever owned and is so loved.  From the moment I contacted her, I knew this was who I wanted to get my puppy from.  She was so sweet in talking about her "babies", you could tell she adored each and every one of them and they were well cared for.  If you want a good friend for life, then Regina is the one.  You can rest assured your baby will have been well taken care of since birth.  We were so pleased with Charlie that my brother and sister-in-law also got a puppy from Regina.  We definitely will be getting another one in the future..... You can't go wrong. 
Best regards, Sandy H. ~ Ripon, CA ~ 10/29/2013

Dear Aunt Gina, Thank you so much for placing me in a loving home where my adoptive parents love me sooooo much!  They are very grateful I received such a loving start at your home.  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Mother's Day!  XOXO Miss Shelby ~ Linda Goss ~ PA ~ 05/13/2012 

*****Cavalier Darling ~ Our Baby Ben
Good morning Regina!  We took Ben to the vet yesterday and I had no doubt that he would have a great check up and he did.  They just loved Ben so much.  They could tell he came from a great breeder by his good health and was very impressed about the paper work and his health records.  Regina we just love Benjamin so very much and when he arrived as I said we felt like we won the Puppy Lottery!  We got sooooooo much more than we could ever expect in our baby boy.  His personality is wonderful, he is sooooo affectionate and sooooo alert.  I would recommend you to anyone who is interested in adopting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel baby and would let them know that they would be getting a well bred breed that is raised with so much love.  To see how great Ben is, only tells me that he is that way because of all your hard work and love for your Cavalier Kids.  Thank you so much for our beautiful baby Ben.  We are blessed for sure.  He gets along very well with our older Cocker Spaniel, Issac.  They go outside together and we already take them both in the car when we go visiting, what a JOY.  Regina, please take care and again thank you sooooo much!!!!!!  Ben has become the baby I never had.  Love from our home to yours~ Tom, Joan, Ben and Issac 02/12/2011  Joan Priviti ~ New Jersey

*****Cavalier Angel ~ Chardonnay
We lost our best friend Jennie, in November of 2010.  She was the center of our world.  We didn't think we wanted another dog until I was searching on the internet and found Gina and her Canine Kids.  When she showed me a picture of Chardonnay, I knew I had found a new love!  It's not that you are replacing the love you have for your old friend, but giving new love to another sweet and deserving little puppy.  Our hearts are full again and there is so much joy in our everyday lives once more.  Gina gave us so much guidance in everything from understanding the breed through the purchase and taking care of the health of our new baby.  We are extremely grateful and happy with everything Gina has provided us and hope to continue our friendship with her through the years to come.  We highly recommend her and are here if anyone wants a personal referral.  01/31/2011 
Cindy and David Rivet, Kingwood, Texas

*****Cavalier Darling ~ Maggie
We recently adopted our little Cavalier , Maggie, from Gina.  She has been with us only a few short days, but we could not be happier!  A lively, sweet little girl, she is winning the hearts of everyone who comes into the house.  We were at first reluctant to adopt a puppy on~line, but Gina was open and friendly and answered every question promptly, putting all of our concerns to rest and making the whole process extremely pleasant.  She even researched where we needed to pick her up at our airport!  Maggie arrived in good health and has quickly adapted to her new surroundings.  We look forward to a long and happy lifetime with our new baby and a long and happy friendship with Gina.  We would (and possibly one day will) adopt again from Gina and Leaning Tree Canine Kids. Cavalier Hugs and Kisses from The Hanson Family, Redlands, Ca. 11-16-2010

*****A+ Breeder

My husband and I purchased our precious Cavalier from Regina Tilson December 2009. The puppy was beautiful and well taken care of. All my dealings with Regina during the sale, and afterwards were fantastic. She was always available to answer my questions, and her kindness was overwhelming. I would never purchase a second puppy from anyone else. She has won my heart and loyalty. Her puppies are exquisite and you can tell they are loved before they leave her. I have had two vets comment to me that not only is Sophie (my puppy) beautiful, but she is very sweet and has a marvelous personality. Thank you Regina!!! You have made us so happy. Sincerely, Vicky Fox Woodland, Ca  03/25/2010