Know Your Breed

Our Beautiful "Stuart Belden" lives with his family in Colorado.

Before choosing the breed of Canine you want to spend years of your life, your heart and your home with, "you should know all of the health issues and risks that breed is predisposed to."  Every breed of Canine comes with their own set of health risks.  As a responsible breeder we do everything possible to decrease that risk by only breeding parents who are Vet checked "healthy" and who are checked "yearly".  Because these health risk involve not only the parents but four (4) generations of that canines family, it is virtually impossible to be able to guarantee that every puppy born will never have a health issue.  

I highly recommend "Health Insurance" for your Canine family members!  You should research which company offers the best coverage for the price they are charging.  There are many reputable companies to choose from.  I have never had to replace a baby that was "Diagnosed" with a life threatening congenital defect during the term of our health guarantee.  Every baby adopted from me will have a current physical exam by our Veterinary Clinic for any obvious illnesses or defects.  Our babies will be current on all age appropriate vaccinations and de-wormings as well.  
Our Health guarantee is for a period of one (1) year with a two (2) year Heart amendment from the time you receive your puppy against any congenital or genetic defect that is life threatening.  It is by puppy replacement only and at NO time would you ever be asked to return your beloved canine child for a replacement puppy.  Along with your Adoption Contract you will be provided with our Health Guarantee and both must be approved and signed by you for either of them to be valid.  A copy of our Health Guarantee can be sent upon request for serious inquiries only!  We have a great reputation for raising quality, healthy, well socialized babies and we are more than happy to provide you with references regarding the health, over all experience and quality of our canine kids for those who call. When they leave us it is just the beginning of their new lives.  I will always care about them and would welcome you staying in touch as much as you like.  

***Babies whose Adoption Fees have been reduced due to AGE will have a 6 Month Health Guarantee!!
Gina Tilson