Flight Info

Picture is of our beautiful "Alva." She lives in NY and attended her Mom's wedding! So happy!

If you would like to have your baby flown "we book our own flights" for your convenience and your babies safety.  Our Flight days are Tuesday and Friday of each week.  Our contracts are with United, Delta and American Air Lines.  The airport your baby will depart from is STL ~ St Louis, Mo.  We do our very best to fly your new baby to the airport closest to you but we also have to book the flight that is best for your baby.  Your baby will come with his/her very own airline approved pet carrier that is appropriate in size for your new babies comfort.  The babies are watched closely and inspected by FAA and or USDA inspectors before boarding.  Babies are also checked after loading by the Pilot of that aircraft.  Any paper work will accompany your baby. 

Our shipping charge is included in the price of our adoption fee.  Ask Regina for current details.  We work closely with the FAA as all rules are enforced. Your babies safety is our first priority! 

You will receive a "flight confirmation" with detailed information before his/her arrival once the flight is booked. 

We do our very best to make this an easy process and take care of all bookings for you.  All you have to do is be there on time to receive your new baby.  I ask that all Puppy Parents contact me by phone or by email as soon as possible to let me know you have received your baby and he/she is in your care!  The airlines are wonderful with our babies and are very helpful. 

Please Note:  Be prepared that your baby could arrive a little earlier than expected that day, or, even have a flight delay.  The airlines do their best, but the unexpected can be an inconvenience for some.  You will need to make sure the day your baby is flying you or someone will be available and on time no matter what !!   

Should you decide not to fly your baby there are times when we can make arrangements to meet our Puppy Parents to hand deliver their babies and meet in person.  

If you have any questions regarding the shipping process please contact me and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.    Thank you,  Gina Tilson 

417-284-8042 or gina.tilson@gmail.com